Benefiting all stakeholders since 1933

FDJ is carrying on the torch of the National Lottery, which was established in 1933 to help WWI veterans wounded in battle and victims of agricultural disasters. Societal responsibility has been ingrained in its business model since inception.







Our "raison d'être" (core purpose)

FDJ defined a “core purpose” in 2020, confirming its determination to continue implementing a business model combining performance, responsibility and social utility. Adopting a raison d’être was a natural choice in view of FDJ’s history, business model and commitments.

Our CSR policy

FDJ operates in the gambling sector, which is highly regulated and strictly controlled. It operates under exclusive rights for lottery games (at points of sale and online) and sports betting (at points of sale). FDJ's gaming model is extensive, recreational and responsible:

 Extensive because it is aimed at a large pool of players; 


 Recreational because it is based on a diversified range of games for moderate gambling; 


 Responsible thanks to the FDJ Group's proactive policy of preventing excessive gambling and gambling by minors. This "responsible gambling" policy is the foundation of its social responsibility; FDJ intends to be a benchmark player in this area, serving sustainable performance and making a positive contribution to all its stakeholders..



FDJ's CSR approach is based on six major themes that take into account the expectations of its stakeholders as well as non-financial issues, particularly those specific to the gambling sector.


 1 - Responsible Gaming 
 2 - Integrity 
 3 - Human Resources 
 4 - Solidarity 
 5 - Regions 
 6 - Environment 



Each year, FDJ strives to improve the information made available to its stakeholders, non-financial rating agencies and investors on CSR issues. FDJ presents its strategy, challenges and results in terms of social responsibility in the following documents:


 The extra-financial performance declaration (in the financial and extra-financial report and in the universal registration document)


 The integrated report

Our CSR performance

Vigeo Eiris evaluation: A1+

In order to measure the results of its CSR commitments, FDJ asked the extra-financial rating agency Vigeo Eiris to evaluate the Group's CSR policy and give it an A1+ rating. This places FDJ among the top 5% of the 4,900 companies analysed. FDJ's ESG (environment, social and governance) score is 70/100, which is significantly higher than the average score of other operators in the gambling sector. 

FDJ is, to date, the first company in the French gambling sector to have submitted its CSR commitments and governance system to an independent rating. This rating assesses the company's ability to report on its social and environmental impacts, its risk management system and the deployment of its CSR approach. This Vigeo-Eiris rating reveals high levels of assurance that place FDJ in a leading position in terms of controlling environmental, social and governance risks, within the European gaming operator sector and, more broadly, the European hotel and leisure sector.

ISS-Oekom: "Prime" status

Prime status awarded by the agency. "Prime" status is awarded to companies whose ESG performance is superior to that of the sector, i.e. they meet ambitious performance requirements.

Ecovadis Sustainability Rating: "Gold" status

FDJ was awarded a score of 70/100 and Gold status. FDJ has submitted to the Ecovadis CSR rating system, which brings together buyers and suppliers to accelerate the development of sustainable and balanced relationships, as part of an exemplary approach to its suppliers. FDJ is thus among the 5% of the world's most responsible companies.

In addition to these global evaluations, FDJ has obtained specific and sectoral certifications and labels, such as the Responsible Gaming certification of the European Lotteries Association (The European Lotteries) with a maximum level of compliance and the Diversity and Professional Equality labels of Afnor (French Association for standardisation).

Focus on FDJ's strong contribution to French society

Longstanding support of French sports

For over 30 years, FDJ has supported French sports, providing opportunities to athletes of all ages & disciplines.

Games for restoration of heritage sites

The “Mission Patrimoine” gaming range contributes to efforts to protect and renovate several at-risk French monuments.

A Foundation dedicated to equal opportunities

Since 2017, the FDJ Corporate Foundation has been working to promote equal opportunities, in education & training.

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