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FDJ Corporate Foundation Governance

The FDJ Corporate Foundation Board of Directors


A board of directors committed to society and equal opportunities

The FDJ Corporate Foundation board of directors is chaired by Charles Lantieri and is the body that oversees the governance of the Foundation. It is made up of external and internal administrators with experience in disability, inclusion, and education; FDJ employees with expertise in fundraising, HR, CSR, and sport; and two elected staff representatives. 

FDJ Corporate Foundation Administrators

  • Portrait Charles LANTIERI

    Charles Lantieri

    President of the FDJ Corporate Foundation, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of FDJ

  • Isabelle Delaplace

    Isabelle Delaplace

    Managing Director of the FDJ Corporate Foundation

  • Gilles Barbier

    Gilles Barbier

    Qualified person
    Founder and Director of handicap.fr

  • Isabelle Gougenheim

    Isabelle Gougenheim

    Qualified person
    President from 2014 to 2023 of the IDEAS (Institute of Ethical and Mutual-Aid Action Development)

  • Saïd Hammouche

    Saïd Hammouche

    Qualified representative
    Founder and President of Mozaïk RH (Diversity & Inclusion recruitment)

  • Daniel Panetto

    Daniel Panetto

    Qualified person
    President of Culture Presse (Professional organization of newsagents)

  • Amel Bouzoura

    Amel Bouzoura

    FDJ Representative
    FDJ Group Commitment and Sport Communication Director

  • Portrait de Dominique Cavalié

    Dominique Cavalié

    FDJ Representative
    FDJ Group Employee Experience and Transformation Director

  • Vincent Perrotin

    Vincent Perrotin

    FDJ Representative
    Commitment and Responsible Gaming Director

  • Raphaële Rabatel

    Raphaële Rabatel

    FDJ Representative
    Group Communications & Sponsorship Director

  • Muriel Chevalier

    Muriel Chevalier

    Administrator of the FDJ Corporate Foundation, elected by employees
    Point of Sale Operations Manager

  • Ludmina Maleyrot

    Ludmina Maleyrot

    Administrator of the FDJ Corporate Foundation, elected by employees
    Commercial Transformation Project Manager