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FDJ’s recruitment process

Join FDJ and win at creating winners!

Be part of an organisation making strides to affirm its position as market leader in recreational gaming in France and become an international reference. 

Our strategy is based on innovating and creating a diverse range of games while striving to  reach our social goals. Immerse yourself in a stimulating and dynamic environment full of challenges.  

Our commitment is to train and guide you in overcoming these challenges while supporting you on your career journey. Your professional and personal development is a fundamental priority for us. 

The FDJ team that takes care of your recruitment

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Come and join us at FDJ!

Recruitment steps

A dynamic candidate experience

We are by your side at  every step of the way along your path to a new career at FDJ. We take  time to get to know you, discover what makes you tick, and  also showcase what defines usBeing transparent about our personalities and expectations serves both our interests. In addition to your skills and expertise, we  pay close attention to your personality. We  seek individuals who share our values, fit  into our culture, and can leverage their experience to help us grow. This is why we encourage you to be genuine, and we guarantee we will also be 100% genuine in return.

  • Step 1: Application

    Send us your application for the role(s) that interest(s) you.

  • Step 2: Chat with an FDJ recruiter

    If your profile matches an opportunity, a recruiter will contact you to share more details about the job offer and ask you about your motivations, experience, and skills.

  • Step 3: Meet your future manager

    If the job role appeal to  you and aligns with your personal goals, you will meet your future manager.

  • Step 4: Test your skills on an (optional) business case

    Depending on the job role, you might be asked to tackle a real-life business case  so we can assess your skills. It is  a perfect opportunity to  discuss about the types of project you will be working on.

  • Step 5: Feedback on your application

    Your manager or recruiter will call you to communicate the outcome of your application. If we decide not to move forward  we will explain the reasons why. If your application is successful, this is the time to iron out the last details with your manager and HR.

  • Step 6: Guetting ready for your arrival

    You will get a pre-onboarding package that  allows you to find out more about FDJ Group and prepare for your arrival. We are thrilled to  welcome you soon!

  • Step 7: Joining the team

    Welcome aboard the FDJ Group! Let’s kickstart this  new professional adventure together.

Des collaborateurs FDJ discutent ensemble, dans un open space


FDJ offers a comprehensive package to secure its position as one of the top employers

FDJ’s remuneration package consists of three core elements.

Your individual remuneration: fixed salary, variable salary, holiday bonus.

Shared value distribution: we share the success collectively created with profit sharing, contributions to pension plans, and group savings schemes.

Additional benefits: beyond financial aspects, enjoy benefits like transportation and childcare subsidies, health insurance, restaurant vouchers, Paid Time Off and holiday pay, and an FDJ company phone.