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A win-win for local communities


FDJ supports local businesses

With more than 29,000 points of sale spread across 11,000 towns and villages, FDJ boasts the largest local distribution network in France. You are never further than 10 minutes away from an FDJ point of sale in France. This helps the Group contribute to the economic dynamic and social cohesion in every region in France.

  • + 29,000 points of sale in 11,000 cities and towns in France

  • 21 800 jobs created or protected in 2023 in convenience stores and bar-tabaconnists


A gaming offer that contributes to maintaining French heritage

Page environnement


FDJ and its Corporate Foundation are instrumental in bringing disused heritage sites back to life. Since 2018, FDJ has run a game called “Mission Patrimoine” (Heritage Mission) in partnership with the Heritage Foundation, the Stéphane Bern mission, and the Ministry of Culture. The FDJ Foundation supports the social and professional inclusion initiatives deployed on Heritage Mission sites. Our commitment to these causes brings new life to local areas, helping build social cohesion and economic diversity.


FDJ is one of the first lotteries in Europe and in the world to invest in preserving biodiversity and protecting the ecosystem of our forests. In October 2023, FDJ launched a new scratch game called “Mission Nature” (Nature Mission) in partnership with the OFB (French Office for Biodiversity). FDJ has also made a substantial financial commitment to the OFB, supporting projects around forest biodiversity preservation and restoration of marine ecosystems.

FDJ fait gagner le sport français


FDJ is committed to developing sport across the whole of France

FDJ is a historic supporter of French sport. As official partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, FDJ is accompanying the National Sports Agency and Paris 2024 with the “Winning Ground” initiative. The scheme aims to provide permanent sporting equipment that is free to use in towns and villages around the country. The goal is to encourage everyone to take up a sporting activity before, during, and after the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


FDJ Corporate Foundation: creating equal opportunities all across France

FDJ Corporate Foundation’s “Tremplins” initiative enables partner retailers and their staff to support local projects close to their heart, to create and promote equal opportunities all across France.

  • For retailers

    The FDJ Corporate Foundation gives the Group’s more than 29,000 partner retailers the opportunity to present an initiative from a local charity that is close to their heart. The aim is to empower local retailers to participate in the social fabric of their areas, encourage dialogue between people who want to make a difference, and contribute to FDJ Group’s territorial positioning through the Corporate Foundation.

  • For FDJ employees

    Each year, employees from across the Group can request funds from the FDJ Corporate Foundation to finance a charitable project in their region that is close to their heart.