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FDJ takes action to promote French heritage

What is our “Heritage Mission”?

Mission Patrimoine” (Heritage Mission) is a scratch game and lottery developed by FDJ in partnership with the French Heritage Foundation and supported by the Ministry of Culture. It contributes to the protection of French heritage sites in all their forms. 

Since 2018, we have raised over €150 million to support heritage projects. This money would usually have gone to the French government, but with this initiative, they have decided to donate it to the Heritage Foundation. The 2023 edition of Heritage Mission games saw €28 million raised. 

2023’s Heritage Mission was available in FDJ’s 30,000 points of sale, on www.fdj.fr, and through the FDJ app. It was made up of various draws and a scratch card with up to €1.5 million of winnings. 

  • 265 sites currently being restored

  • 285 sites restored

  • + 850 projects selected since 2018

The 18 emblematic sites supported in 2023


The Heritage Foundation supported 118 projects in 2023, including 18 emblematic sites and 100 regional sites.

Maison de Colomba à Fozzano

Maison de Colomba à Fozzano


Sucrerie Belleville

Sucrerie Belleville


Ancienne cathédrale Saint-Vincent

Ancient Saint-Vincent Cathedral

Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Eglise Saint-Antoine de Padoue à Saül

Saint-Antoine de Padoue Church in Saül


Ateliers Lorin à Chartres

Lorin workshops in Chartres

Centre-Val de Loire

Institut Michel Pacha à La Seyne-sur-Mer

Institut Michel Pacha in La Seyne-sur-Mer

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur

Château de Montmuran

Château de Montmuran


Site archéologique de Châteaubleau

Châteaubleau archelogical site

Greater Paris region

Abbaye de Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye

Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye abbey


Pont-Aqueduc d’Ansignan

Pont-Aqueduc d’Ansignan


Synagogue d’Elbeuf

Elbeuf Synagogue


Résidence des gouverneurs

The Governor’s Residence


Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc à Saint-André

Jeanne d’Arc Chapel in Saint-André

Reunion island

Hôtel de ville de Saint-Esprit

Saint-Esprit Town Hall


Chartreuse de Neuville

Chartreuse de Neuville


Moulin de Brissac

Brissac Windmill

Pays de la Loire

Atelier de potier à Betschdorf

Betschdorf pottery workshop

Greater East region

Abbaye Saint-Jean de Sorde

Saint-Jean de Sorde abbey