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The FDJ Corporate Foundation supports projects around education and social integration

The FDJ Corporate Foundation’s partner ecosystem

The FDJ Corporate Foundation works alongside a wide range of partners, both long-term and call for proposal winners, who work within education and social integration.

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AFEV - Image

“Reading support” is a mentoring scheme aimed at primary school pupils from underprivileged backgrounds. University students volunteer two hours per week to read to and play with a child, helping prevent illiteracy.


Association Coup de Pouce (Giving a Hand)

Association website

The CLÉM project has allowed 1,600 vulnerable children aged 7-8 to increase their core numeracy and literacy skills. The project runs three 1.5-hour workshops a week involving games in small groups.


Réseau Etincelle (Spark Network)

Association website

Inspire 1,340 children and young people who have dropped out of school to return to education or enter the job market. The young people are given the role of an entrepreneur to help build their self-confidence and boost their motivation.

Live for good - Image

Live for Good

Association website

Help young people create innovative projects with a social and environmental impact.

FIRAH - Recherche appliquee sur le handicap - Image

FIRAH – Fondation Internationale de Recherche Appliquée sur le Handicap (Applied Disability Research Foundation)

Association website

The applied research scheme aims to study the facilitators and obstacles to physical and sporting activities for people with disabilities, thereby contributing to reducing unequal access to sport.

Bibliothèques sans frontières - Image

Bibliothèques sans frontières – Les Voyageurs du numérique (Libraries Without Borders – Digital Travellers)

Association website

Reduce the digital divide by training professionals and volunteers to become digital helpers and lead learning workshops. So far, 70,000 people have benefitted from this scheme.

Secours Populaire Français

Secours populaire français (French Popular Relief)

Association website

Encourage children from low-income families to learn about the Tour de France bike race and BMXing.


Since 2019, our support has allowed aspiring company creators from the French Overseas Territories to benefit from 35 hours of training.

Association NQT - Fondation FDJ

Individual support for new graduates from modest backgrounds looking for jobs through mentoring with industry professionals.


Média Pitchounes (Kids Media)

Association website

Team work and activities around careers in communication and journalism for young people who are struggling with school.


Raise awareness around disabilities through sport with young people and adults with disabilities.

Fondation FDJ - Château de Versailles

Château de Versailles

Association website

Since 2012, the FDJ Corporate Foundation has contributed to schemes aimed at vulnerable groups of people who are often excluded from cultural life. Special events are organised to promote equal access to culture.

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