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Individual Shareholders

FDJ Group alongside its individual shareholders

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FDJ Shareholders’ Club

FDJ Shareholders’ Club is an exclusive space just for you

FDJ Shareholders’ Club is open to all the Group’s shareholders over the age of 18 and takes you behind the scenes of FDJ to find out more about how we work, our strategy, and our performance. We offer masterclasses on the basics of the stock market, invitations to sporting events with our partner clubs, exclusive tours of the FDJ studios, and a meet and greet with the Group’s leaders. More than 16,000 shareholders are currently enjoying this exclusive access to FDJ. 

“We maintain a strong dialogue with all our stakeholders, and particularly with our shareholders, who are a constant priority for FDJ.”

Stephane Pallez Stéphane Pallez Chariwoman and CEO


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Results 2023

February, Thursday 15 – premarket
Quiet period from January, Wednesday 17

Past event


April, Thursday 25 PM