Our purpose: FDJ’s strategic compass

Our purpose

“Gaming is our business, giving back to society is what drives us and responsibility is our constant focus.”

Our purpose is at the very heart of FDJ’s strategy. It is the fruit of a collective labour and reflects our stance as a useful, committed, and responsible company that is intertwined with the fabric of our society and our era. Our purpose has been part of our company by-laws since 2020 and guides us in everything we do. 

FDJ Group offers people who wish to experience the thrill of gaming and moments of emotion a wide range of responsibly-designed games.

Gaming is our business, giving back to society is what drives us and responsibility is our constant focus.

We promote recreational gaming by accompanying our customers, creating games with built-in integrity, and reducing the risks and consequences which arise from our activity. We actively help prevent addictive behaviour and underage gaming.

We are faithful to the French national lottery legacy – created to help wounded World War One soldiers – and we continue to support social and community initiatives, and fund good causes.

As key partners of local businesses, we ensure that our games and services are widely available through a dense network of neighbourhood retailers. Thanks to our committed employees and capacity for innovation, we are pursuing our goal of sustainable growth, underpinned by a responsible and socially useful business model, and close collaboration with our stakeholders. 

Deploying our purpose in 2020 involved: 

  • Rolling out our roadmap in the form of our six commitments. 
  • Accompanying our employees and stakeholders to build the future together. 
  • The Stakeholder Committee to ensure an open dialogue and thorough oversight of our commitments.   
  • Corporate communication based on the “Make a win-win” campaign


“FDJ’s purpose is the long-term vision of our company: learning from the past to build the present and commit to the future.”

Stéphane Pallez Chairwoman and CEO of La Française des Jeux

FDJ’s purpose in six commitments

Our six commitments represent FDJ’s purpose and help us tangibly implement it in our operations.

  • Offer

    Develop an entertaining, honest, and responsibly-designed offer.

  • Engagement 2 raison d'être - Clients


    Be there for our customers wherever they are – from points of sale to online.

  • Engagement 3 raison d'être - jeu responsable

    Responsible gaming

    Prevent excessive gambling and fight against underage gambling.

  • Engagement 4 raison d'être - sociétal et environnemental

    Society and the environment

    Strengthen what we do for each other and for the environment.

  • Network

    Champion local business across France.

  • Engagement 6 raison d'être - International


    Promote our sustainable and responsible model around the world.

FDJ Stakeholder Committee

Our Stakeholder Committee aims to develop high-level dialogue about the stakes the Group faces. It oversees the application of our purpose and the six commitments. This body allows diverse points of view to be shared and for the company to implement new measures, understand expectations, and suggest avenues for improvement. 

The Stakeholder Committee is made up of 14 people and is presided by ex-Managing Director of Parisian hospital group AP-HP and President of Korian Rose-Marie Van Lerberghe. The Committee meets three times per year with President and CEO of FDJ Stéphane Pallez, and Executive Vice-President Charles Lantieri. Committee members represent the diversity of FDJ’s stakeholders, and/or are experts in areas close to the Group’s activities, in line with our purpose. So far, the Stakeholder Committee has met ten times.

RM Van Lerberghe

Rose-Marie Van Lerberghe

Chairwoman of the Committee - Former Chief Executive Officer of AP-HP and Chairwoman of Korian

PMO ati

Philippe Moati

Players and lottery
Co-Chairman of Obsoco (responsible consumption observatory), consumption and customer trend specialist


Elisabeth Belmas

Players and lottery
Gaming historian and specialist, Chairwoman of scientific interest group Jeu et Sociétés

selection marion

Marion Caspers-Merk

Players and lottery
Former Chairwoman of the Baden-Wurtemberg Lottery

CPPD banetto

Daniel Panetto

French regions
Chairman of Culture Presse

Jean-Michel Detchart

French regions
Chairman of the Confédération des Buralistes


Christophe Bouillon

French regions
Mayor of Barentin, Chairman of the French small towns association (Association des Petites Villes de France)


Louise Nadeau

Responsible gaming
Professor Emeritus of psychology at the University of Montreal, expert in addiction


Christian Bucher

Responsible gaming
Psychiatrist specialising in addictive behaviour


Joëlle Bottalico

National executive director of Secours Populaire Français, Vice-Chairwoman of the Haut Conseil à la Vie Associative


Laurence Devillers

Data, ethics
Professor of artificial intelligence at the CNRS (national scientific research centre)


Benoit Halgand

Head of Comité 21’s “CSR and Climate” hub, co-founder of Manifeste étudiant pour un réveil écologique

CPP JB Carpentier

Jean-Baptiste Carpentier

Money laundering
Head of Compliance - Veolia, former Head of TRACFIN

Sarah Ourahmoune - CPP

Sarah Ourahmoune

Olympic boxing vice-champion and vice president of the French Boxing Federation