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FDJ, France’s leading betting and gaming operator and a leading player worldwide


A unique business model

In France, FDJ has exclusive rights to operate offline and online lottery games, and point-of-sale sports betting. FDJ is also extending its online gaming offer open to competition and capitalising on its expertise to create new revenue sources, in particular internationally.

  • Lottery

    Lottery games are FDJ’s core business and main source of revenue. The FDJ offer includes prize draws such as Loto and Euromillions, as well as Illiko instant games.

  • Sports betting & online gaming open to competition

    FDJ has operated a sports betting service since 1985. It recently added to its portfolio of online games open to competition with the launch of a poker offer in  2022 and the acquisition of horse-race and sports betting operator ZEturf in 2023.

  • Adjacent activities

    FDJ currently provides B2B solutions in international markets and is keen to move into the B2C segment. On November 3, 2023, the Group announced the acquisition of Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI), marking its first foray into a foreign lottery market. It has also diversified with the roll-out of a local payment and collection service under the Nirio brand name.


FDJ offers a diversified game portfolio that creates winners

FDJ Group offers a portfolio of historic and newer games that is constantly evolving, covering a wide range of gaming experiences and demonstrating FDJ Group’s innovative capabilities to diversify and renew its offering.

With an average of one new millionaire every two days, FDJ’s game offering brings joy to many people all year round.

  • 27 M players in France

  • + 85 games offered by FDJ in 2022

  • 2.6 €Bn Revenue in 2023


FDJ is capitalizing on its expertise to develop new activities

FDJ is leveraging its know-how and experience to develop technological solutions for international gaming operators, a payment and services offering for points of sale, and an entertainment offering.

  • Payment and services

    Launched in 2023 under the leadership of FDJ Services – a subsidiary of the FDJ Group – Nirio is a payment solution that brings together two services. The first pillar, aimed at the general public, offers payment solutions for day-to-day payments with private creditors (rent, airline tickets, etc.) within the FDJ-approved Nirio network.

    The second activity, dedicated to retailers, relies on two payment solutions acquired by FDJ Group: Aleda in the bar, tobacconist, and newsagents sector, and L’Addition in the hospitality sector. These services are soon to be improved with new operational and financial services. 

    Discover our Payment and Services activity

  • International

    The Group’s ambition is to become an international B2C operator, both in lottery and sports betting, and online gaming.

    In 2023, the Group took its first step with the acquisition of 100% of the capital of Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI), the operator that holds exclusive rights to operate the Irish lottery until 2034.

    For its development in the sports betting sector and other online gaming activities in Europe, FDJ is interested in acquisition opportunities among the leaders in their markets who share its commitments, especially in terms of responsible gaming. 

  • Entertainment

    FDJ is looking into Web3 opportunities and is running initial tests in the plot of land it acquired in The Sandbox metaverse. FDJ is
    developing its eSport activity and is organising video game competitions in its own right and on behalf of video game publishers via
    its NCOVR brand. FDJ is also looking into freemium lottery and betting models.

Responsible gaming

As a reference in recreational gambling, FDJ has been actively and voluntarily promoting a responsible gaming policy for over 20 years, inscribed at the heart of its strategy and activities. This commitment is reflected in our game designs, public awareness programmes, training of partner retailers, and support offered to players.


FDJ, the largest local distribution network in France

With its more than 29,000 points of sale, FDJ is the largest local distribution network in France. FDJ acts as a responsible partner by enabling its partner retailers to diversify their offerings and modernize their equipment. The Group thus supports a network of local businesses vital to their communities, especially in rural areas.