Annual General Meeting

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What is an Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Overview of an AGM and how it works

The Ordinary  General Meeting (AGM) is held at least once per year, a maximum of six months after the closing of FDJ’s annual accounts by the Board of Directors.

The objectives are to:

  • Inform shareholders about the Group’s activities and results
  • Approve accounts and set budgets
  • Approve the remuneration policy applicable to for the year in progress, and the total remuneration awarded in the previous year
  • Nominate members of the board or remove them from their role
  • Nominate external auditors

Decisions are taken by simple majority of shareholders present or represented.

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is called to ask shareholders to vote on changes to the company by-laws and authorisation to modify the company’s share capital. It is also when the board of directors receives delegation to carry out the said changes.

Decisions are made by a two-third majority of shareholders present or represented.

A Combined General Meeting (CGM) is a mixture of the two above types of general meeting. Majority conditions change depending on whether the motion being voted falls under the remit of an Ordinary  General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.


Practical modalities

Participation and voting

Eligibility conditions for the FDJ AGM

Shareholders who hold at least one share before the second working day before the AGM have the right to attend the meeting.

Note: If you own FDJ shares through a share-based savings scheme (called “PEA” in France), you can also attend the AGM  as any other shareholder.


Invitation to the FDJ AGM

As a registered FDJ shareholder, you will receive a paper or email notice of meeting to attend the AGM. Bearer shareholders can access the notice of meeting from the Group’s corporate website. The document lays out all the motions to vote on and the agenda of the meeting, including notes to help you analyse the propositions.

If you wish to attend the AGM in person, you will need an admission card that shows you are a shareholder. How you acquire an admission card depends on whether you are a registered shareholder or a bearer shareholder. We recommend you to contact your financial partner to find out how to acquire an admission card, based on your individual status.


Following an FDJ AGM

You can:

  • Physically attend the meeting
  • Follow along online via a live stream on our corporate website, . In this case, you can cast your vote using a form before the event.

Video replay of the AGM is also available on the FDJ website within 24 hours of the meeting and for a duration of two years.


Voting at an FDJ AGM

By voting, you are participating in very important decision-making processes and playing a key role in building the future of FDJ Group.

One share equals one vote. Therefore, shareholders have as many votes on each motion as they have shares in the group. However, voting rights are doubled for those who can demonstrate their registered shareholder status for at least two consecutive years.

You can vote:

  • Before the AGM:
    • By post or email, simply by filling in and sending back the form received with the notice of meetingand available on the FDJ Group website.
    • Online, via VOTACCESS, a simple and secure digital platform.
  • During the AGM, using the keypad you will be given when you arrive.

You may also give proxy to the chairwoman of the meeting.

Documentation and archives

Documentation and information about the FDJ AGM

Information about AGMs and the motions to be voted are published in public notices (BALOs, in French) 35 days before the AGM. They are also available on the FDJ Institutionnal website, in the Finance > Annual General Meeting section.

For more information, please refer to your invitation.

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