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Become an FDJ partner retailer and join France’s n°1 local distribution network


FDJ’s point of sale network in numbers

≈ 30,000 / points of sale in 11,000 cities and towns in France.

Extérieur d'un point de vente FDJ - Logo FDJ

  • + 29,000 points of sale in 11,000 cities and towns in France

  • 21 800 jobs created or protected in 2023 in convenience stores and bar-tabaconnists

  • 1 subsidiary dedicated to supporting our partner retailers: FDJ Réseau (FDJ Network)

  • 3 months: average waiting time to create an FDJ point of sale

  • + 250 M€ invested in tech infrastructure between 2018 and 2022

  • 32 300 € average annual earnings per point of sale


All the benefits of being an FDJ partner retailer

Stand out from the crowd by offering a range of dynamic games with plenty of new releases throughout the year. Being an FDJ partner retailers guarantees you: 

  • More footfall 
  • A wider customer base 
  • Extra revenue  
  • An extra source of revenue

    You receive a commission on every sale of a FDJ game, enabling you to grow your overall turnover.

  • Easy invoicing

    No need to buy stock in advance: FDJ delivers the games up front before payment. This is a huge help if you are just starting out.

  • An exciting media strategy

    FDJ is the France’s leading betting and gaming operator and a leading player worldwide. As an FDJ partner retailer, you also benefit from an exceptional media exposure, which is regularly refreshed to draw new customers. 

  • An appealing point of sale

    FDJ provides points of sale with dynamic and engaging posters, POS displays, screens, and events to share information about its latest offers: 

    • Current jackpot draws 
    • Launch of new scratch games (one launch every month, on average) 
    • Sports betting offers and Sports Loto

    As an FDJ partner retailer, you receive all this advertising for free, which helps your customers find out everything they need to know about what FDJ has to offer. 


FDJ is on the ground with its local points of sale

With over 30,000 points of sale across 11,000 towns and villages in France, territorial coverage has long been one of FDJ Group’s strongest assets. We know that this network of in-person points of contact is essential for the local economic and social lives of our partners and their customers, especially in rural areas. This is why we are committed to maintaining and developing the fabric of this network. We invested over €250 million in IT infrastructure between 2018 and 2022 to ensure our players and our partner retailers get the best possible point of sale experience. We are also developing our Payment and Services offering and aim to become France’s biggest local payment processing network. 


Become a partner retailer and join France’s largest local network