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FDJ Corporate Foundation

FDJ Corporate Foundation: creating equal opportunities to win

Take action with the FDJ Corporate Foundation for a good cause

The FDJ Corporate Foundation was created in 1993 and stands up for equal opportunities in life. It supports good causes that help people experiencing economic instability, social or cultural exclusion, and living with disabilities, among others. It is particularly involved in innovative initiatives with charity organisations involved in education and social integration.

Everyone should be able to find their place in society. This conviction is deep-rooted in the history of La Française des Jeux. »

Portrait officiel de Charles Lantieri-1-1 Charles Lantieri Chairman of the FDJ Corporate Foundation, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of FDJ


The FDJ Corporate Foundation is taking action for the education and integration of society’s most vulnerable

We support vulnerable people so that everyone has the same opportunities and finds their place in society.

  • Education

    We promote innovative and inclusive teaching methods to help vulnerable young people realise their full potential. The organisations that we support are taking action to make education accessible to all.

  • Integration

    The initiatives we support promote the socio-professional integration of the most vulnerable in society. They help underprivileged young people and adults find their place in society and let their talents shine through.


FDJ Corporate Foundation’s real and measurable impact

We commissioned a social impact study to help with our strategic planning between now and 2027. The results showed our ability to create value for society. 

Atelier Fondation FDJ à Boulogne

  • 350 000 people reached

  • 25 M€ donations over five years (2023-2028)

  • 13% of employees involved in a voluntary skill share programme

  • 3,4€ social value created for every €1 donated

  • 600 charity organisations supported since 2018

  • 97% of charity organisations very satisfied with their partnership with the FDJ Corporate Foundation

Submit a project

The FDJ Corporate Foundation considers all projects around equal opportunities.


The FDJ Corporate Foundation Board of Directors

Chaired by Charles Lantieri, the FDJ Corporate Foundation Board of Directors is made up of 12 administrators. It brings together people who are committed to their causes around disability, integration, and education, and FDJ representatives who are experts in patronage, CSR, HR, and sport. There are also two employee-elected representatives on the board. Every member’s expertise is counted on to drive the Foundation’s charitable and societal actions.