The historic bond between FDJ and sport

Vidéo FDJ et le sport

FDJ supports French sport

We’ve been working alongside French sport for over 40 years. Our support includes driving our shared values: respecting the rules, equal opportunities, ethics, solidarity, and social cohesion.

FDJ’s historic partnership with sport in France

FDJ’s involvement in sport also extends to our handball, basketball, and rugby federations. A portion of all wagers goes towards funding the Agence Nationale du Sport (National Sport Agency). FDJ contributed €83m to the ANS in 2021 (approximately a third of the agency’s total financing).

Vidéo faire gagner le cyclisme - FDJ

FDJ is committed to promoting ethical cycling

FDJ promotes integrity in sport

In 2015, FDJ set up an Integrity in Sport department, whose responsibilities are: 

  • Implementing preventative measures 
  • Actively participating in overseeing integrity in sporting competitions 
  • Cooperating with all sports, public, and private stakeholders in France and overseas to protect sport from the risks of outside manipulation 

FDJ has also been a member of the French national platform for the fight against manipulation in sporting competitions since its inception on the 28th January 2016. This status was legally ratified into law in October 2019. The platform operates within the French Ministry for Sport and it aims to encourage operational cooperation between stakeholders, based on recommendations from the “Macolin” international convention. FDJ also participates in the Copenhagen Group, chaired by the European Council, which runs the national platforms to promote international cooperation to tackle manipulation in sport. 

FDJ’s role is to: 

  • Oversee bets placed with retailers in France. We look out for abnormalities in sporting bets placed in our physical points of sale by coordinating actions with our sports betting trader team, our security department, and our Integrity in Sport department. 
  • Contribute to taking preventative measures in the sports betting world. The last few years have seen us lead awareness-raising campaigns about manipulation in the sports world in France, reaching over 1,000 people in the last three years alone. The Group also includes a clause about promoting integrity in all its sporting partnership contracts. 

Meanwhile, FDJ’s Integrity in Sport department is in constant communication with international stakeholders to tackle manipulation in sport: European Council, Interpol, IOC, FIFA, UEFA, ITIA, FBI, etc. It is regularly involved in international conferences and seminars to contribute to reinforcing this international cooperation. 

Finally, FDJ Group is a founding member of ULIS (United Lotteries for Integrity in Sport). This Swiss-based organisation brings together 32 lotteries and sport betting bodies from four continents around the world. ULIS ensures the constant oversight of the sports betting market and every year detects hundreds of risks of manipulation with the assistance of its member lotteries, including FDJ. It then shares the alerts with its international partners, including sports federations and international authorities. 

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