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FDJ employees are committed to the cause with the FDJ Corporate Foundation


Solidarity and good causes

The FDJ Corporate Foundation offers employees of the group the opportunity to participate in volunteer skill share programmes, mentoring, or proposing projects that are close to their hearts for sponsorship.

  • 7 534 hours spent by employees helping out for good causes in 2022

  • 13% of employees involved in a voluntary skill share programme

  • 198 voluntary missions carried out by employees

Three ways for FDJ employees to help a good cause

Short-term voluntary work (1 day)

All FDJ employees can take part in one-day voluntary missions, such as:

  • Give a presentation to high school pupils about their job role 
  • Offer professional mentoring to young people (CV workshops, cover letters, how to approach a job interview, etc.) 
  • Participate in welfare checks on vulnerable people 
  • Volunteer in a food bank/clothes bank  
  • Collect money for one of FDJ Corporate Foundation’s partner charities 
  • Lead a charity hackathon 

Medium-term voluntary work (2-20 days)

All FDJ employees can take part in medium-term voluntary work, such as:  

  • Mentoring a young person 
  • Leading workshops in high schools in underprivileged areas 
  • Accompanying young people with disabilities on a residential trip 
  • Raising money for a charity 
  • And more… 

Long-term voluntary work (6 months to 2 years)

Long-term missions are for employees over 45 with at least 10 years of employment history with the group. They often take on the following roles within a charity: 

  • IT manager 
  • Project manager 
  • Accountant/auditor/compliance 
  • Other support roles  

Employee testimonials

Mentoring, volunteer skill sharing, supporting a good cause

  • Laurent, volunteer skill sharing at BSF

    It was very enriching to approach new people and situations, it helps you grow. You discover skills that you didn’t know you had. It also gave me the confidence to work on different tasks.

    Laurent - Collaborateur FDJ engagé Laurent Di Caro Financial Risk Manager
  • Corinne, mentor with Télémaque

    I was looking to pass on my experiences and take an emotional breath of fresh air.

    Corinne Monserrat-Depuydt Project Manager
  • Bruno, volunteer skill share at Comme les Autres

    Taking a step back and participating in something so fulfilling, so full of emotion, really makes your company’s contribution to society make sense. Volunteering my skills to a good cause has added a truly human element to my technical role. This experience has a lasting effect on my daily work life and relationships at work.

    Bruno - Collaborateur FDJ engagé Bruno Cutayar IT PMO