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Responsible gaming

FDJ is committed to ensuring responsible gaming wins for everyone

Fight against underage gambling

The fight against underage gambling is a priority for FDJ

Inform the public

In all FDJ points of sale, customers are reminded that underage gambling is illegal through: 

  • Signage, the “18” age restriction logo, on-screen and print campaigns 
  • Preventative campaigns, which make up at least 10% of FDJ’s media budget

Train and verify FDJ retailers

All our partner retailers are trained on tackling underage gambling upon entering the FDJ network. We also organise mystery shops, within our network to ensure the law is being respected, whereby, alongside an FDJ inspector, a minor attempts to make a purchase from a point of sale. We carry out over 2,000 inspections a year.

Prevent excessive gambling

FDJ’s three approaches to preventing excessive gambling

Control game design

All our games are designed and sold with gambling addiction prevention in mind. Every game undergoes a strict analysis before going to market: a matrix assesses the level of risk it presents based on the rules, design, potential winnings, and more. The most innovative games are taken to a committee of experts on responsible gaming.

Carry out preventative information campaigns

We dedicate at least 10% of our media budget to campaigns aimed at promoting responsible gaming. Messaging raising awareness around excessive gambling is regularly broadcast on FDJ websites, apps, and in our points of sale.

Offer players tools to bring their gaming under control

Across our website and app, we provide three types of tools for gamers to maintain control over their gaming.

FDJ provides three types of tools for gamers

  • Set limits

    Players can control their gaming and keep to their budget by setting limits on how much they can bet or how much they can transfer to their FDJ account.

  • Keep gaming under control

    Players can recognise their gaming habits with a colour-coded system: a green dot shows a recreational gamer, yellow for a moderate gamer, and red for high-intensity gamers. Players can also assess their own gaming habits by taking the “Evalujeu” test online. 

  • Stop playing

    Players can choose to temporarily lock themselves out of the FDJ sites and apps. They can also request a gambling ban from the Autorité Nationale des Jeux (French National Authority on Gaming)

Detect and protect vulnerable players

FDJ is in constant communication with bodies from social services and the medical profession

Over 10 years, we have developed various approaches to detect vulnerable players. We also operate through our field resources (customer care, sales teams, network inspectors) who are in regular contact with FDJ players and partner retailers. 

Our proactive approach, launched in 2020, involves: 

  • Reinforcing training of our internal teams and network of partner retailers. 
  • Setting up a dedicated team to contact players who have been identified as vulnerable, in order to advise them and help them find help from our partner organisations. 

We also support organisations carrying out research into gambling, while observing their strict independence: 

FDJ supports the work of the Institut Fédératif des Addictions Comportementales (Federal Institute of Behavioural Addictions) based at the Nantes general hospital. 

FDJ participates in financing the scientific interest group “Jeu et Société” (Gaming and Society) (in partnership with the following universities: Paris 13, Paris Descartes, Paris Ouest-Nanterre La Défense, and Paris Sorbonne). The interest group carries out research and shares its findings and insights into the world of gambling. 

FDJ supports two experimental projects focussing on reducing risk and damage. The first is spearheaded by the Fédération Addiction (Addiction Federation) and aims to bring FDJ’s core business and the medical profession closer together. It aims to facilitate the identification of addictive behaviours, prevent damage, and reduce risks. The second project is led by the Société d’Entraide et d’Action Psychologique (Society of Mutual Aid and Psychological Action) and is based on self-help and mutual assistance between gamers. 

FDJ supports help and support organisations for gamers

Miser sur soi

Miser sur soi (Bet on Yourself) is a support line for players experiencing difficulties and their friends and family, run by former gambler Pierre Perret. Available seven days a week.