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The FDJ Group's quality policy servs customers and stakeholders

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Our Integrated Management System at the heart of our quality policy

Our Management System quality policy is aligned with the Group’s strategic purpose. It was built with our commitment to responsible gaming in mind, and it reinforces our desire to satisfy our customers and meet our stakeholders’ expectations.

Continuous quality improvement – FDJ products and services

FDJ implemented a new approach to quality assurance in 2008, based on continuous quality improvement of our products and services. Continuous improvement begins with our general management and the involvement of every employee of FDJ Group. 

The Group’s quality approach is organized around several management systems, some of them are ISO 9001-certified. 

ISO 9001 requires to set cross-functional processes that are designed to:  

  • Standardize processes across the Group 
  • Reinforce a feeling of Group belonging to promote cross-functional collective intelligence
  • Use a shared language to empower best practices and avoid waste
  • Build a mutual base to deploy IT tools and adapt to an evolving organization
  • Master risks and opportunities with an overarching cross-functional vision  
  • Implement a cross-functional reference point for operational performance  


The ISO 9001 certified scopes are highly industrialized activities. They are the following : 

  • Management of support operations of the sales network (DOC) 
  • Management of draw, reveal and transmission of draw results 
  • FDJ Gaming Solutions (FGS) 

For an harmonized performance, the cornerstones of Group’s MIS facilitate communication at activities interfaces.