Boulogne-Billancourt (France), 15 March 2024 (2:00 p.m.) – In accordance with the public tender offer for Kindred that FDJ filed with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA), the completion of the tender offer is subject to certain conditions precedent, including an amendment to Kindred’s bylaws to allow for the implementation of a squeeze-out procedure in the event that FDJ acquires at least 90% of Kindred’s capital.

Consequently, Kindred’s shareholders approved this amendment to the bylaws during an Extraordinary General Meeting on 15 March 2024.

As a reminder, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA) approved, on 19 February 2024, the “offer document” relating to the FDJ Group’s tender offer for Kindred Group Plc. This offer was launched on 20 February 2024 for a maximum period of 39 weeks.