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Joining FDJ: a winning choice!

By choosing FDJ, you will be joining a high-performance, responsible group at the cutting edge of technology.   

With 23 million customers, 30,000 distribution partners and 2,500 employees, we are expanding in the gaming sector, but also in new B2B service, entertainment, and payment activities in an international environment. 

91% of our employees are proud to work with us: committed by nature, we take concrete action for many causes, such as support for sport, equal opportunities, and the restoration of heritage sites.  

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in revenue

2 500

employees, including 750 in IT

100 000

connected devices in the retail network


B2B customers

Looking for digital talent

Technology is FDJ’s primary business. From the digital lottery and digitalisation of points of sale to sports betting and the diversification of activities, our universe is much larger than one might imagine! The Technology and International division, as well as its subsidiaries FDJ Gaming Solutions and Sporting Solutions, bring together more than 750 digital and omnichannel technology professionals that give life to all FDJ’s gaming, entertainment and service offerings on a daily basis. 

Present in France, the United Kingdom and Canada, our teams combine passion and expertise to develop and operate FDJ’s digital solutions in France and for operator-customers around the world by providing quality, integrity and innovation.   

Are you passionate about technology and the digital realm? Do you like to take on team challenges in a dynamic environment with the best resources and multiple projects? We are looking for talented tech professionals with diverse experience, who want to give a new impetus to their career by having an impact on the FDJ Group’s transformation. Come and discover our exciting world!  

Why join us?

Technology is FDJ’s primary business: you have everything to gain by joining FDJ!  

  •   Enjoy an exciting world and tools that stimulate collective intelligence and continuous innovation. 

  •   Be part of enthusiastic teams and the FDJ adventure. 

  •    Share the values of a Group committed to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities.  

  •   Receive training and support throughout your career because your development is important to us.  
  •   Enjoy wage benefits that place us among the most competitive employers with many advantages: 13th month pay, individual bonuses, company savings plan, telework, parental policy, etc. 

91% of our employees are proud to work for us. They are also committed to many causes for which they take concrete action, such as support for sport, equal opportunities and the restoration of heritage sites.  

Joining FDJ: a winning choice!  

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