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Supporting our major prize winners

We attach a great deal of importance to the support we offer our major prize winners

We are pioneers among lotteries in this area and we have a Prize Winners Relations Department whose long-standing experience helps these lucky winners get the most out of this event.

More than six major prize winners every week, all year long.

  • From €500,000 and over, our Prize Winners Relations Department looks after prize winners and organises the delivery of the prize in their region.
  • From €1,000,000 and over, the Prize Winners Relations Department offers prize winners personal and customised support at the time of winning and offers collective support over a five-year period.


More than rich...

Our aim: that their life afterwards is like the one they had always dreamed of. This is why, as an invested and responsible game operator, we are committed to supporting our big prize winners over time. We offer various workshops:

  • Money - the keys to effective management

Led by a teacher of tax law, the aim of this workshop is to familiarise prize winners with the world of banks and taxation and thus to make it easier to manage their money. A coach specialised in change management also helps new prize winners to take ownership of the winnings and thus be more at ease with their new contact points, particularly in the financial domain.

  • Life with winnings - the words to talk about it

Everyone has different emotions about winning. Indeed, this raises many issues in our daily lives. This workshop, led by human sciences experts enables prize winners to talk about the changes in their life since winning and to better understand their feelings and those of the people in their lives.

  • Relationships beyond winning - quite simply, together 

Enjoyment from being together, quite simply sharing experiences, the major prize winners enjoy being able to discuss their new lives. These shared moments are a way of establishing ties within the community.

  • Give life meaning with winnings - finding other ways to enrich your life

These workshops open up new worlds to prize winners, invite them to expand their horizons, sketch the outlines of their future plans. They also enable them to gain self-confidence and reveal all of the possibilities open to them from winning according to their personalities.


FDJ's support as seen by prize winners

Daniel won €15 million at Euro Millions in 2012:
"The Major Prize Winners Department enabled us to enjoy this exceptional event with more peace of mind (…) you think it only happens to other people (…) the day when it's your turn, it is important to be supported"

Véronique won €2 million jackpot playing LOTO® in 2015:
"I come to the workshops regularly. It allows me to discuss this unique experience and learn more about wealth management …"

Bernard won €4 million playing Loto in 2017:
"Nice encounters, good discussions, we deciphered certain customs, a way of handling the future through a relationship with other people."

François won €4 million playing Loto online in 2017:
"This gathering enabled me to meet other people "like me", to discuss their lives, their relationship with winning. This workshop enabled us to put our questions into words and support each other."


Three questions for Isabelle Cesari, Head of the Major Prize Winners Department

  • What is your role at FDJ?

Isabelle Cesari: "With my team of three, we look after the prize winners of €500,000 and over. Prize winnings of €500,000 to €999,999 are handled by regional pay centres. For winnings of more than €1 million, we meet each prize winner and offer them individual, customised support at the time we give them their winnings, then offer them collective support over a five-year period."

  • What is collective support?

Isabelle Cesari: "We organise workshops (15 a year) all over France to meet our prize winners. Our workshops focus on personal development. They are a way of sharing information with prize winners, particularly about managing their wealth. This completely impartial information offers them the keys to making informed choices according to their profiles and personalities. We also offer the services of a coach who allows prize winners to take better ownership of their winnings and be confident in their dealings with their new financial interlocutors. Other workshops are dedicated to expressing their emotions about their daily life. This enables prize winners to put their feelings into perspective and better understand them. Finally, other sessions offer the discovery of new horizons, the option of greater self-knowledge through original approaches offering prize winners the opportunity to give new meaning to their winnings, to opt to take a new direction and thus to reveal all of the potential of their winnings. Our collective support also has another benefit: enabling fruitful discussion between prize winners. This community is very lively!"

  • What does this community involve?

Isabelle Cesari: "The workshops are often made up of former and new prize winners, which enables those who have just received their winnings to benefit from the experience of previous winners. It is always beneficial for them as the words of their peers are worth everything that any expert may have to say and thus complement the support we offer them. This is why we created a circle of mentors made up of former prize winners with whom we have remained in contact. For their part, they want to share their experience and support new prize winners who are looking for advice and practical feedback on this unusual experience. Our support is multi-faceted. We are one of the only lotteries in the world to offer such a comprehensive service."