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Security: not left to chance

Sports bets, scratch cards or draw-based games at point of sale or online: playing with FDJ is a 100% secure process.

In our points of sale

From the point of sale you can check and approve everything: your scratch card, game tickets, receipts. Gaming terminals, on-screen winnings displays, self-service winning checkers: our computerised equipment guarantees the reliability and transparency of transactions.

Throughout the year, our team of inspectors checks that our retailers are meeting their obligations in terms of security, transparency and ethics. At least 15 criteria are checked at each inspection.


In our IT system

Managing more than 4.5 billion transactions each year, our IT system is one of the most secure in France. With a level of security similar to that of banks, each gaming transaction is registered and sealed so it cannot be modified and stored in our data centres. It's essential for tackling up to 60,000 transactions per minute for the big jackpots!

A genuine technological marvel, the system is designed to operate perfectly in any circumstances, for example, on days with a high footfall due to exceptional jackpots, or in the event of external factors such as a power or telecommunications failure.

Bank details, gaming transactions and customer relations, the security of all of the data we handle is certified to the ISO 27001 standard as adjudicated by an independent body since 2009. We were the first gaming operator to achieve certification for the security of its information system.


On our scratch cards

Forgery and tamper-proof, scratch cards are manufactured by certified printing firms, identical to those that print bank notes. Throughout the manufacturing process, many tests are conducted on the cards to guarantee this high standard of security and integrity. Prior to their distribution and validation at point of sale, the cards only have the value of paper: they become valid once activated by the retailer. One more protection against fraud and theft. Finally, when paying out winnings, the authenticity and prize amount for each card are checked in real time.



Our team of security engineers works continuously to protect data using the latest filtering and encryption technologies. Automatic checks associated with continuous surveillance ensure that players are secure against fraud and money-laundering.


In sport and sports bets

We have introduced a state of the art system for surveillance and detecting atypical situations. On the front line, our team of 80 employees manages the security of all our online and point of sale games, particularly sports bets. Their analysis can result in declarations to the relevant authorities (Service Central des Courses et Jeux (the French central racing and games unit), TRACFIN (the French agency for preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorism), ARJEL (the French online games regulatory authority)).

And because ethics involves a pivotal struggle to achieve common rules, we are lobbying public authorities and international bodies, for example, for the adoption of global standards on betting supervision within the World Lottery Association. Not to forget our strong involvement in the International Olympic Committee's Integrity Betting Intelligence System, a match-fixing surveillance and alert system.

Finally, our commitment to integrity in sport is also takes the form of leading awareness-raising campaigns as part of our partnerships with sporting federations (basketball, handball, volley-ball) and the French professional football league (Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP)).These include training on the risks of corruption in sporting competitions and how to manage them. And what better spokesperson for a sport that plays by the rules than our cycling team?