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Draw-based games, scratch cards, sports bets: games for everyone!

To find out about the games we offer and the results of our draws, come this way!

For our players, we are bringing our A-game!

Believing that tomorrow will be better than today ... it's our vision of playing, resolutely optimistic. It pushes us to constantly invent new games and revisit our traditional games to offer the promise of small or big thrills to all those who want to try their luck, and even change their lives.

Instant games

Games in the illiko® range: simple concepts and playful worlds, for instant pleasure!

Sports bets

23 sports represented, fixed odds betting and totes: get even more involved in the match with our Sports Betting range, Parions Sport.

Draw-based games

LOTO®, Amigo, EuroMillions - MyMillion: just a few numbers can change your life...


Amateur and professional competitions, online betting: we are entering the field of eSport.

France's biggest playground

In points of sale

With more than 30,000 FDJ points of sale across France,
FDJ is everywhere!

At home

Settled on your sofa or at your desk, with your computer in front of you, play online on!

On your smartphone

Our games are available on your smartphone with the FDJ and Parions Sport apps.

100% of prize winners tried their luck

Between the dream of winning and the reality, there can be a real gulf! Of course we have all thought one day: "If I win, I… " but seeing luck shine down on us can trigger all sorts of emotions. From laughter to tears, from joy to fear, as many possibilities as there are individuals. Here is a range of emotions experienced by our prize winners.


"You have to look after a ticket worth €1 million. So I put mine in a box and buried it in the garden! " - MyMillion prize winner


"When I heard the news, I went pale … " - EuroMillions €26.2 million prize winner


"It will mean I can help my loved ones and will give me some peace of mind in the years to come, even if I don't plan on drastically changing my day-to-day life. " - Méga Mots Croisés €600,000 prize winner


"I wondered how I was going to manage to get to sleep so I called a friend and we stayed on the phone for one and a half hours, unable to hang up" - LOTO® €14 million prize winner


"A good bank balance means guaranteed peace of mind. " - EuroMillions €25 million prize winner

  • 1
    millionaire every two days
  • 198

    winnings of €1M or over in 2018

Small, medium or major prize winners:
when the dream becomes reality

Prize winners...

Who are our prize winners? Find out the figures and first-hand accounts of our prize winners on this page.

... And major prize winners

For the biggest winnings, we have a service dedicated to supporting prize winners, to offer them guidance in managing their money ... And their emotions!

With our players for Responsible Gaming

France has more than 29 million players (all operators combined). Across the country as a whole, there has been an increase in the number of high-risk players.

2,2% versus 0,9%
The number of high-risk players increased between 2010 and 2014, from 400,000 to 1,000,000 French people (ODJ/INPES).
0,5% versus 0,4%
The number of people playing excessively was relatively stable between 2010 and 2014, i.e. around 200,000 French people (ODJ/INPES)

of parents of minors are not sufficiently aware of the risks of addiction associated with gambling and games of chance (Opinion Way, June 2017).

Our commitments
in favour of moderate gambling habits

From the design stage of our games until they are put on the market, we support our players in tackling the risks of excessive playing.

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