Discover FDJ's 2022 Integrated Report

Discover how, driven by its raison d'être and aware of the major trends transforming society, the FDJ group continues to implement its 2020 - 2025 strategy.

This integrated report gives the reader information regarding:

1 The raison d’être that guides all the Group’s actions;

1 Its governance bodies and how they act together to define and implement the strategy, while ensuring a long-term vision for FDJ;

1 Its value creation model, its activities and its levers for success;

1 Its global performance in 2022, benefiting all its stakeholders.

Throughout the report, stakeholders agreed to come and speak with FDJ executives and employees to provide their perspective on the challenges facing our activities. Read the summaries of these conversations in the introduction of the three main chapters of the report.

This Integrated Report is based on the framework recommended by the Value Reporting Foundation and related best practices. It is designed to provide FDJ’s stakeholders with a comprehensive view of the Group’s strategy and commitments, as well as its financial and non-financial performance. Its contents were prepared in consultation with the Company’s various departments and include testimonials from stakeholders, whom we would like to thank for their contribution.

This year, for the first time, the Report will be the opening chapter of the Universal Registration Document to provide an even more global presentation of FDJ.

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