Ensuring equality & diversity

Label égalité et label diversité - AFNOR certification (www.afnor.org)

Gender equality index: 100/100*

The Group strives to set an example in terms of workplace diversity. FDJ is AFNOR-certified (French standards body) for its diversity policy. (*only for FDJ SA)

Integration & social backgrounds

FDJ capitalises on its partnerships with NQT (Nos quartiers ont des talents), PAQTE (Pacte avec les quartiers pour toutes les entreprises) and Mozaïk RH to manage the integration of applicants from underprivileged areas.

Gender equality

FDJ Group promotes professional equality, and especially representation of women in Management and diversity in the company’s various business lines. 

In 2021, FDJ SA was granted a score of 99/100 as part of the Pénicaud gender equality index.


The percentage of women in FDJ Management is now equivalent to the overall percentage of women among FDJ employees - including the executive committee. The wage gap has narrowed due to a specific budget allocated for this purpose. 

Inter-generational initiatives

FDJ Group provides personalised career support to young seniors over age 45 as part of an intergenerational collaboration initiative.

Employment of persons with disabilities

The Group promotes the employment of persons with disabilities in two ways: hiring new employees with disabilities and ensuring the continued employment of employees with declining health.