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Committed to entertaining and protecting

From the design stage of our games until they are put on the market, we support our players in tackling the risks of excessive playing.

Games prohibited to minors

Minors are more likely to become addicted to gambling: 11% of players aged between 15 and 17 have a problem with gambling. The figure is 4.8% for adults. It is everyone's responsibility not to introduce minors to this form of entertainment. At points of sale, on our sites and apps or in our advertising, the messages prohibiting minors from gambling are clearly displayed. Our retailers are trained in prohibiting gambling for minors.

Information and prevention tools online or at point of sale

Limits on play and time spent playing

As soon as a player registers with, we ask them to set a playing time limit and maximum stake for each seven day period beyond which they can no longer play. At any time, they can change these limits.

Stopping playing

We enable players to voluntarily stop playing by blocking their account temporarily or permanently.


This tool analyses each player's playing habits in real time and alerts them when their playing tends towards high-risk behaviour.


This site provides players or their loved ones with information about the level of risk and personalised advice on managing play.

"Gambling and you"

At the point of sale, this brochure provides information on the risks associated with gambling and enables you to test your own playing habits.

Experts to support the development of our games

From the drawing board, particular attention is given to our products to ensure that they respect the principles of responsible gaming. To help us, we work with experts and have developed an analysis grid, "Serenigame", to evaluate the level of security and sensitivity of our games. Our ambition: a pleasant and recreational but non-excessive gaming experience.

A number of charities support players in difficulty. FDJ supports them through its charitable work. The charities include SOS Joueurs, e-Enfance and Cresus. Going further, FDJ supports research on addiction and playing in general and is innovating in risk and damage reduction.

To support academic research on playing we are helping to fund the scientific consortium "Games and societies " (in partnership with the Paris 13, Paris Descartes, Paris Ouest-Nanterre la Défense and Paris Sorbonne universities). The consortium which is conducting research, financing and showcasing research in the fields of literature, human sciences and social sciences on the phenomenon of playing and its implications.

Finally, we support experimental projects in risk and damage reduction:

  • The project managed by the Addiction Federation is supported, within CSAPA (care centres for supporting people with addictions and for the prevention of addiction), by professional experts in non-substance addictions, social workers and psychologists and volunteer retailers. The aim was to bring together FDJ's core business and the local care sector so as to facilitate the early detection of addictive behaviours, prevent damages that gambling habits can cause and reduce the risks.
  • The second, initiated by SEDAP, is based on self-support and peer support (voluntary collaboration by retailers and players). It was the subject of a joint ethical review which resulted in a reference framework being drawn up.