A responsible gaming operator

Gaming is our business, giving back to society is what drives us, and responsibility is our constant focus. As such, FDJ has been working for more than twenty years to promote responsible gaming. Our approach focuses on three areas: preventing underage gambling, preventing excessive gambling, and detecting and supporting people in vulnerable situations. 

Ensuring that each game observes the principles of responsible gaming starting in the design stage is a top priority. To that end, the Group works with experts and employs an analysis chart, “Serenigame”, developed to assess game security and sensitivity.

The Group guides players through each step of their PoS or online experience, so they can play with peace of mind:

  • By keeping control, thanks to sound advice: don’t borrow money to play, don’t rely on superstitions, etc.
  • By keeping track of their gambling practices using tools provided by FDJ
  • By putting them in touch with partner hotlines to talk about their relationship with gambling

In its efforts to foster responsible gaming, FDJ Group is proud to have obtained the maximum level of compliance with RG requirements under European Lotteries certification since 2012.  


Committed to compliance with underage gambling restrictions

FDJ trains and supports all sales staff and distributors in responsible gaming principles. The company relies on a team responsible for monitoring the implementation of Responsible Gaming requirements in the field, and particularly those associated the prevention of underage gambling. At points of sale and in its sales documentation, underage gambling restrictions are systematically highlighted.


Tools to keep track of gaming practices

In the interest of helping its players develop moderate gaming practices, FDJ provides online and PoS tools that can be used to monitor and manage how they play.

  • At points of sale, a brochure is available to inform players about the risks associated with gambling and helping them test their gambling practices.
  • Online, players can set time limits and maximum stakes, preventing them from playing any longer once the limits are reached. They can also voluntarily stop playing by temporarily or permanently blocking their fdj.fr account. Lastly, there is a tool that players can use to analyse their online gaming practices in real time and notify them if they are veering into at-risk behaviour.


Experts focused on helping players with gambling problems

There are several associations dedicated to helping players struggling with gambling issues. FDJ supports them through sponsorship programmes, such as: SOS Joueurs, e-Enfance, Cresus. Furthermore, FDJ supports research on addiction and gambling in general, and is innovating in the “Reducing risks and adverse consequences” field.

To support academic research on gambling, FDJ contributes funding to the “Jeu et sociétés” scientific interest group (in partnership with Paris 13, Paris Descartes, Paris Ouest-Nanterre La Défense and Paris Sorbonne universities), which conduct research, finance and promote the work of researchers in Literature and Human & Social Sciences focused on the gaming phenomenon and its consequences.

Lastly, FDJ supports experimental projects focused on “Reducing risks and adverse consequences”:

  • One such project, conducted by Fédération Addiction, relies on professionals specialising in non-substance addictions, social workers and psychologists, and volunteer distributors working with CSAPAs (addiction prevention and support centres). The goal is to connect FDJ’s core business with the local healthcare industry in a bid to facilitate the early identification of addictive behaviours, prevent adverse consequences of gambling practices and reduce the associated risks.
  • The second, initiated by SEDAP, is based on self-support and mutual assistance by peers (voluntary collaboration between distributors and players).  As a result of this project, subject to joint ethical discussions, a reference framework was developed.