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Our CSR: Solidarity

For more than 80 years, FDJ has been faithful to its original values of solidarity, responsibility and fairness. Its position as the leading partner of French sports and the support of the FDJ Corporate Foundation for public interest projects illustrate its strong and lasting societal commitment.

FDJ Corporate Foundation

2018 marks the beginning of the new five-year period for the FDJ Corporate Foundation. To better respond to the needs of society, the initiatives of this new cycle aim to develop equal opportunities by using gaming, in all its forms, as a lever towards its achievement.

The FDJ Corporate Foundation has chosen two fields of intervention: education and inclusion of people facing barriers (age, disability, economic, social and cultural vulnerability, etc.), based on an approach that offers them the tools and confidence in their potential to reintegrate through fun, participatory programmes.

The FDJ Corporate Foundation has a maximum endowment of €18 million for the five-year 2018-2022 period.



For a number of years, FDJ has been committed to promoting sport in all its aspects.

Women’s sports

FDJ’s strong commitment to gender equality is also reflected in the actions implemented by the company in the area of sport, with the Sport pour Elles programme launched in 2016 and built around four priority axes:

  • Promoting sport for women who don’t have access to it;
  • Supporting elite women’s sport;
  • Promoting media coverage of women’s sport;
  • Mobilising networks (both social and professional) to change attitudes on the role of sport in women’s lives.

Support for elite athletes

The “Challenge” programme supports young athletes with potential by providing them with financial assistance, career management support, training and career change help.



As part of the French Culture Ministry’s long-term heritage strategy, the French government has adopted the principle of using the proceeds of FDJ games to fund the “Heritage in Danger” mission of the Fondation du Patrimoine (Heritage Foundation).. As such, FDJ is helping to fund a major national cause, as is the case of many lotteries worldwide.

€21 million from public levies on sums wagered on these games were allocated to a specific fund of the Foundation called “Heritage in Danger”. It will be used to safeguard and renovate around 270 projects across France.

By playing these games, players are contributing to restoring French heritage.

FDJ has also become a patron of the Fondation du Patrimoine for three years (€1.4 million) and relays its appeal for donations.


Dialogue with stakeholders

Dialogue with civil society, initiated in 2012, has been structured as part of the Societal Laboratory since 2014. The Lab fosters dialogue and co-construction between the stakeholders, and the various FDJ business lines. Consultations are organised by a specialised agency acting as a third-party facilitator. They bring together 10 civil society organisations (CSO) on sensitive issues related to the company’s CSR and Responsible Gaming policies.

The aim is to draw on joint thinking to feed into FDJ’s initiatives to mitigate negative externalities arising from its business, as well as to develop its positive social contribution.

FDJ also takes part in discussions on best practice with other European lotteries. In 2018, this led to the creation of CSR Guidelines for lotteries.