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Our CSR: Regions

Loyal to its more than 30,000 points of sale in more than 11,000 municipalities throughout France, FDJ supports them in their modernisation (new equipment and digitisation) and provides specific support to the most vulnerable.

A successful transformation

As part of the 2015-2020 development plan, FDJ has completed a new phase of development based on the company’s strengths, combining innovation, modernisation of our distribution network, digital transformation and international expansion.

A total of €500 million was invested to achieve this transformation, and €180 million alone for the network of distributors.

Its distributor network, the Group’s chief asset, is and will remain central to FDJ’s development, as demonstrated by its 2020-2025 development plan.


A modernised distribution network, with an excellent network across France

FDJ’s network is France’s largest local network, with more than 30,000 independent points of sale equipped with its technology. It mainly comprises bars, tobacconists and newsagents, its legacy network.

The Group’s network is essential to maintaining close ties with players, and is a fundamental aspect of its business model. Significant investments have been made to transform and modernise it. Today, they are all equipped with FDJ terminals and technology.

One figure particularly illustrates the strength of the network: more than 90% of the French population lives within 10 minutes of one of our points of sale (On foot in towns or by car in rural areas. Source: FDJ and Euromonitor).


Strong acceleration in digital technology

Innovation is an integral part of the DNA of FDJ, which operates in a particularly rich ecosystem.

FDJ strives to offer its players an ever more innovative game offer. For example, Quitte or Double, launched in March 2019, encourages FDJ players in points of sale to continue their experience online.

The QR code was another disruptive innovation. Launched in 2015, it allows players to prepare their wagers on their smartphone, and then pay in points of sale.

This means that digitised bets, in other words those made online or in points of sale via a digital device (such as a smartphone), have increased fivefold in the space of four years.


FDJ’s economic and social contribution (BIPE study)

To evaluate FDJ’s economic and social contribution in France, a study was conducted by consulting firm BIPE (Bureau d’Informations et de Prévisions Économiques),1 using a methodology that forms part of the international academic impact evaluation framework used by international organisations (UN, European Commission, etc.), providing robust comparisons of results by sector and internationally. In 2017, FDJ's contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated to be €5.4 billion, and 52,500 jobs were created or sustained across the country, including 20,350 in bars, tobacconists and newsagents, representing a quarter of the jobs in that sector.