Our 2020-2025 strategy

A sustainable and profitable growth ambition

FDJ is the second largest lottery in Europe and the fourth largest worldwide.


To strengthen its position as leader in the gaming market in France and to become a major international player in the gaming and services sector, FDJ has focused its 2020-2025 strategy on four areas, with its raison d’être as its foundation. 

Four strategic focus points

 Point 1 

Digitalise the lottery by developing an omnichannel approach, for a renewed gaming experience and loyal customers 

FDJ aims to accelerate the digitalisation of its lottery business and offer a gaming experience which is adapted to changing uses. FDJ distributes its games via an omnichannel approach and adheres to an on-going customer loyalty strategy. This strategy is based on an enriched customer relationship policy, thanks to better  knowledge of its customers. FDJ continues to innovate to recruit new players, while promoting recreational gaming practices.

 Point 2 

Gain market shares in online sports betting whilst maintaining a growth momentum in offline sports betting

The Group intends to significantly increase its sports betting market shares iand reach critical size. To do this, it is accelerating the development of a distinctive and competitive offer and a more personalised customer relationship that is both value-creating and responsible. At the same time, FDJ aims to make its offline sports betting more attractive by enriching the offer, improving products and services and stepping up retailers' role as prescribers. 

 Point 3 

Build a value-creating customer relationship, and reinforce FDJ's responsible gaming policy through customer identification and knowledge

FDJ wishes to accelerate online and offline player identification by means of exclusive offers and services, optimised gaming experiences and customer benefits. Improved customer knowledge will allow FDJ to offer a customised experience and step up responsible gaming services, in a different and proportionate way, depending on players' behaviour, to better prevent excessive gambling.  

 Point 4 

Build on FDJ's robust economic model by developing new business activities

FDJ aim is to leverage its technological assets and its awareness, as well as its distribution network, to develop new businesses and to make its model more resilient and sustainable, in the international B2B market it intends to position itself as a leader, with a service offer for lottery and/or sports betting operators. FDJ also intends to develop its entertainment offer, in preparation for future models. 

Three transverse pillars

The four strategic focus points are supported by three transverse pillars. 

Pillar 1

Continue to offer multiple touch points with its customers in an omnichannel experience, by using its network and pursuing its business model transformation. 

Pillar 2

Roll out the technological strategy to allow the development of digitalisation, the game experience and omnichannel uses. 

Pillar 3

Improve the Group's agility and operating performance by developing the efficiency and flexibility of its financial model, as well as the engagement and skills of its employees. 

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