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Our 2020-2025 strategy

Continued growth momentum

A front-line gaming operator, FDJ is the second biggest lottery in Europe and the fourth worldwide. Our innovation-focused approach enables us to successfully confront the challenges we face in our sector. 

Our vision of gaming as entertaining, responsible and serving the public interest, lies at the heart of FDJ's strategy. 

Six priorities are highlighted in the 2020-2025 Plan

Innovate in the legacy Lottery segments by increasing customer loyalty and stepping up the digitisation of usage. This priority is borne by the Lottery BU.

Win market share in online sports betting while maintaining growth momentum at the point of sale. This plank is borne by the Sport BU.

Build a value-creating FDJ customer relationship and journey, optimised by customer knowledge and guaranteeing an approach synonymous with integrity. This ambition is coordinated in a cross-cutting manner by the Customers department.

Reinforce our Responsible Gaming policy building on a differentiated and proportionate approach based on customer behaviour. Worked and structured by the CSR team (corporate function), this challenge is borne by all of the company’s business lines.

Modernise and diversify our distribution network while continuing to transform our business model, in the service of professional customers. This priority is borne by the commercial function.

Reinforce the resilience of our business model by developing our non-gaming activities: entertainment, payment services and international. This last priority is borne by the 3 ABUs (Acceleration Business Units), which aim to generate additional profitability for FDJ by exploring promising areas of growth and calling on its assets and know-how.


This strategic plan is underpinned by 3 main levers:​​​​​​


  • A technology and IT strategy to support the entire organisation in implementing the strategic plan


  • An operational model to make our operations more agile, working with:
    • Business Units and Acceleration Business Units managing activities that are already well developed (BUs) or still immature (ABUs), each with independent budgets and profitability objectives
    • Cross-cutting functions facilitating the implementation of the strategy and working closely with the BUs and ABUs 
    • And corporate functions working to lay down the company’s general policy and guarantee its overall consistency


  • And, lastly, a virtuous approach to improve performance at all levels of the company in order to create value and finance our growth, optimising our processes and strengthening our culture of performance.