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#FDJ2020, Pushing back the boundaries of FDJ & Gaming

A front-line gaming operator, FDJ® is the second biggest lottery in Europe and the fourth worldwide. Our innovation-focused approach enables us to successfully confront the challenges we face in our sector.

Our vision of gaming as entertaining, responsible and serving the public interest, lies at the heart of FDJ®'s strategy. 

Our objective is to make it the industry standard at European level.

FDJ2020, a vision of the future

With the digital revolution, consumers are embracing new trends. Aware of this reality, we have adopted a strategic plan to support our growth. Project "FDJ2020, an enhanced vision of FDJ®" is based on four priority areas of focus.

€500 MILLION - This is the amount of investment earmarked to deliver our ambitious plan FDJ2020. Over five years, €250 million will be used to transform of our information systems, €180 million will enable the digitisation of our distribution network and €25 million will finance innovation.

 Accelerate the digitisation of our offering and of distribution

By offering a more contemporary and interactive gaming range to attract new players and keep pace with our current players. By facilitating access to our offering, on the internet and at points of sale, with a modernised distribution network and cutting edge equipment, for example, with interactive or self-service terminals.

 Modernise and enhance our distribution network

By equipping our current sales network with new gaming terminals, but also by making our products more accessible throughout France, through a diversified network of points of sale, alongside the traditional distribution channels of bars, tobacconists and newsagents.

 Stimulate the growth of sports betting

By counting on the popularity of sport to recruit new players and offer an enriched range: introducing betting to a multitude of sports (Formula 1, athletics, baseball, etc.), with diversified betting formats.

 Develop breakthrough innovation

By imagining the games of tomorrow, to make them even more entertaining and offer a richer gaming experience. By creating synergies between FDJ® and specialist partners so that we may exchange ideas and boost our creativity.

Our strategy involves several key pillars:


Gaming innovation

Essential to stay in the game and keep developing, at FDJ® innovation is part of our DNA. To harness it, we depend on three lines of action: Open Innovation, games-based R&D, and incubators.

 Winning partnerships with Open Innovation

Our innovation efforts are enriched by a variety of partnerships with key players in the digital economy: start-ups, researchers, schools, investment funds, etc.

For example, we are partners of Asmodée, Europe’s number two maker of board games. Objective: gain access to new expertise in multi-player games and online games. In this way, we can count on support from the games studios of the Asmodée network and develop games under licence. An additional advantage of this partnership is that it encourages the co-creation of games through the Innovation Factory Lab.

Breakthrough innovation requires specific expertise. For example, the new games expected by the public require more sophisticated gameplay (the gaming experience), the integration of new services and the availability of new economic models.

This is why we manage our R&D in-house. By cutting out intermediaries we increase our efficiency. In this way, we are developing a pool of in-house knowledge that allows us to create prototypes and experiment with new ideas, without wasting time.

Game designers, developers, gaming statisticians … our R&D team is multi-disciplinary and multi-talented. The wealth of profiles among our professionals and their congregation in a single physical space, improves our working methods.

ZOOM-IN ON INNOVATION FACTORY - FDJ has set up a department dedicated to Open Innovation which aims to open up the company to new trends and identify innovative solutions and partners to trial them with, in order to integrate them in its industrial model. FDJ, which had already implemented a “test and learn” approach internally with the incubation units, has been working with new partners since 2016. In two years, it has invested around €8 million in Open Innovation investment funds (Partech and Raise).

FDJ is a partner of the American start-up accelerator, Techstars, which recently set up an office in France to develop collaborations with start-ups. Collaboration with start-ups intensified in 2017, resulting in the production of seven Proof of Concept (POC) projects. The active policy of collaboration with start-ups pursued by FDJ has also been recognised by the French Tech Barometer on collaboration between large corporations and start-ups presented on 8 November 2017. FDJ was recognised in the category of Procurement processes (where the start-up supplies products/services to large corporations).

 The incubators, project nurseries

Inspired by start-ups, in-house incubators also support breakthrough innovation in our offerings and services. In operation since 2014, this new approach to project production is based on three pillars:

  • a limited number of projects to avoid a scattered approach;
  • better collaboration between departments and priority given to usage; projects are designed according to consumer trends and technical innovations;
  • reduced time-to-market, due to the allocation of financial and human resources from the project's inception, combined with project follow-up and management in direct association with Executive Management.

 New gamified games

In 2018 we launched "Keys to the Treasure", our first gamified game.

This game, which takes place in a pirate universe, is based on the gamification concept, which allows an enriched version of the illiko® gaming experience, thanks to a progression element and a new category of winnings: virtual assets.

IN-HOUSE INCUBATOR - The new gamification functionalities and the first gamified game are the fruits of an FJD incubator. They were developed in-house, in start-up style, by a team including developers, game designers and graphic designers from the world of video games, led by a project innovation manager.

All this was possible thanks to the principle of continuity across gaming terminals: all gaming data is preserved from one gaming session to the next.

These principles, drawn from the key success factors of casual games, allow us to:

  • Introduce a progression element, assisting the player in discovering the game and retaining their interest by using various mechanisms: access rights, levels, virtual assets, etc.
  • Retain players, by sustaining the player's interest and by developing their degree of involvement over the duration of the game.
  • Based on these principles, players find themselves immersed in a gaming universe with more storytelling and narrative elements.

Innovation for export

Finally, FDJ® is also one of the engines driving innovation within European Lotteries (EL) – a group of European lottery operators set up in 1983 - of which we are a founding member. The basic objectives of this partnership are clear: to share best practice and to innovate together. By way of example, FDJ® was able to present to its sister organisations "Safer Game", an inventive tool aimed at tackling money laundering and preventing excessive gaming. The secret behind it? It is based on processing and the advanced analysis of big data.