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FDJ and sport, a long history

At FDJ®, our favourite type of game is sport! For more than 30 years, our day-to-day commitment to French sport has been based on the values that FDJ® shares with sport: playing by the rules, equal opportunities, ethics, solidarity and social bonding.

Champions of all kinds

Because everyone has a chance with FDJ, the Challenge programme supports young champions, be they able-bodied or disabled, from the starting line of their careers to the finishing line, and beyond!

With 150 Olympic and Paralympic medals won to date, the FDJ® Challengers continue to prove their talent! Since 2012, each Challenger who has won a medal at the games receives a bursary to support the club of their choice, thanks to the Challenge programme.

Each year, 12 athletes are supported by FDJ and receive a bursary of €15,000. This financial contribution is supplemented by training offered to them in partnership with Sciences Po Paris, INSEP and l’Université des Etoiles du Sport. In 2017, FDJ sought to enhance the support offered to athletes at the end of their career in competitive sports by creating the "Sports Skills" programme, which aims to help them with their professional reorientation. Over 25 years, more than 400 Challengers have joined #TeamChallengeFDJ.

In 2019, we have decided to improve our programme by creating "FDJ Sport Factory".

FDJ® is also committed to the Performance Pact initiated by the French Ministry of Sport to foster the professional reorientation of high level sportsmen and sportswomen. FDJ® also promotes women in sport through its Sport pour Elles programme, which is coordinated around four pillars: promoting participation in sports, supporting high-level sportswomen, encouraging media coverage and mobilising networks.

By committing to support women through equal opportunities, FDJ® believes that it is also giving sports a chance and addressing one of society's challenges: that of ensuring that diversity is an asset.

For every woman, sport is an opportunity

Involved in promoting female sports since 2016, FDJ gives the floor to women who have made sport their life, such as Sarah Ourahmoune, the ambassador of FDJ's Sport Pour Elles programme.

A committed sponsor

As the owner of a cycling team since 1997, and pioneers in the fight against doping, we take day-to-day action to promote clean cycling. As such, we support the training of young French racers to help them in their development.

On our current professional roster, there are several who are the product of the "Training Cycle" programme. This programme has a two-fold objective of promoting both sport and sports education by allowing promising young racers to pursue training leading to a diploma or certification before they sign their first professional contract. In this way, the young people do not put all their eggs in a sports career basket!

Training and ethics to achieve results: on the Giro d'Italia 2017, Thibaut Pinot had the third stage win of his career in a grand tour for the team, following his two prestigious stage wins at the Tour de France (Porrentruy in 2012 and l'Alpe d’Huez in 2015).

Joined by Groupama in 2018, the team is now called the Groupama-FDJ Cycling Team; today, it harbours even higher sporting ambitions while continuing to observe the ethical values that it has held dear since its creation.

Since 2017, FDJ also owns the only Female Cycling Team in France: the "FDJ-Nouvelle Aquitaine-Futuroscope" team.

Elsewhere, with the creation of the "Sport pour Elles" (sport for women) programme, cycling at FDJ is also being developed for women. We have teamed up with the only French women's cycling team in the Women's World Tour, now called FDJ - Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Futuroscope. And we are partners of "La Course by le Tour de France", which brings together the top women international cyclists.

A major player in French sports, FDJ® is also a partner of basketball, handball and clubs in the Ligue de Football Professionnel (French professional football league). As with our commitment to cycling, our partnerships include three inseparable elements: a traditional marketing element, a professional integrity programme and our support for women’s sports.

We also support Olympic sports through our partnership with the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) and the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF). In 2017, we also backed Paris's bid to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We contributed €2 million to the partnership to support the candidacy of the City of Lights, as well as offering a scratch card game based on Paris 2024. In the second quarter of 2020, FDJ will join the national partnership programme for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 and become an Official Partner.

Everyone's a winner

Supporting French sport is something we do for you and thanks to you. A levy on player stakes allows us to fund 80% of the budget of the National Centre for the Development of Sport (CNDS) every year, that is, around

€220 million per year. Major sporting events are also an opportunity for us to demonstrate our team spirit: FDJ® contributed around €150 million towards the renovation and construction of the stadiums when France hosted UEFA's Euro 2016™.

Over a period of 35 years, more than €5 billion has been invested in the renovation and construction of sports infrastructure to help amateur sports clubs and associations.

We spent €150 million on the renovation and construction of stadiums for the UEFA Euro 2016™ in France.

Finally, at FDJ®, we believe that supporting French sport also involves innovation: that is why we have fostered a partnership with Le Tremplin, a sports start-up incubator located at the Jean Bouin stadium in Paris.

We're for sportsmanship

Our passion for sport certainly feeds into our offering through our extensive range of sports betting options. And in order that betting activity may share the values associated with sport, FDJ® strives to ensure that gambling rules and integrity are observed. Consequently, we invest in the oversight of betting activity and in preventing the manipulation of national and international sporting events.