Raison d'être

FDJ is a company with a unique history, centring its business model on ethics and responsibility. The Group defined its "raison d'être" (end purpose) in 2020. Incorporated in its by-laws, this end purpose is embodied by six commitments that structure the company’s initiatives.

Our raison d'être

FDJ Group offers people who wish to experience the thrill of gaming and moments of emotion a wide range of responsibly designed games.

Gaming is our business, giving back to society is what drives us, and responsibility is our constant focus.

We promote recreational gaming by accompanying our customers, creating games with built-in integrity, and reducing risks and consequences arising from our activity; we actively help prevent addictive behaviour and underage gambling.

Faithful to the legacy of the French national lottery – created to help wounded World War One soldiers – we continue to support social and community initiatives, and fund good causes.

As key partners of local businesses, we ensure that our games and services are widely available through a dense network of neighbourhood retailers.

Thanks to our committed employees and capacity for innovation we are pursuing our goal of sustainable growth, underpinned by a responsible and socially useful business model, and close collaboration with our stakeholders.

Our six commitments

Stakeholder Committee

The aim of the Stakeholder Committee is to foster high-level dialogue on the Group’s transversal issues, and in particular to oversee the implementation of the commitments defined following the adoption of its raison d’être. The committee will offer new perspectives, enable discussion on initiatives taken by the company in application of its raison d’être, pass on expectations and suggest opportunities for progress and improvement.

The committee has 13 members and is chaired by Rose-Marie Van Lerberghe, who previously served as Director General of the AP-HP hospital system and Chairwoman of Korian. The committee will meet twice a year, together with Stéphane Pallez, Chairwoman and CEO of FDJ, and Charles Lantieri, the Group’s Deputy CEO.

The committee’s members represent the diversity of FDJ’s main stakeholders and/or have expertise in the Group’s key areas of interest, in connection with the topics covered by its raison d’être.

The 13 members of the Stakeholder Committee:

  • Elisabeth Belmas, historian and gaming specialist, general secretary of the Jeu et Sociétés (gaming and society) research group
  • Joëlle Bottalico, vice-president of the HCVA (the French high council for non-profit organisations)
  • Christian Bucher, psychiatrist and addiction expert
  • Jean-Baptiste Carpentier, head of compliance for the Veolia group
  • Marion Caspers-Merck, former managing director of the Baden-Württemberg lottery
  • Caroline Cayeux, mayor of Beauvais, president of the ANCT (the French national agency for regional cohesion) and of the Villes de France association of elected officials
  • Philippe Coy, president of the French Confederation of Tobacconists
  • Laurence Devillers, professor of AI at the CNRS and a member of France’s Digital Ethics Committee
  • Benoit Halgand, a student at École Polytechnique and co-founder of the “Wake-Up Call for the Environment: A Student Manifesto” movement
  • Philippe Moati, professor of economics and co-president of the Observatoire Société & Consommation think tank
  • Louise Nadeau, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Montreal, addiction expert
  • Daniel Panetto, president of the Culture Presse newsagents’ union
  • Rose-Marie Van Lerberghe, former director general of the AP-HP hospital system and chairwoman of Korian.