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Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Successor to the French National Lottery, which was founded in 1933 to help victims of war and farming disasters, FDJ is a company whose social responsibility has been at the heart of its model since its inception.

Gaming, a regulated sector

FDJ operates in the heavily regulated gaming sector, which is strictly monitored by the French government. It operates lottery games (at points of sale and online) and sports betting (at points of sale), under exclusive rights. In this capacity, FDJ is tasked by the law with missions of general interest:

  • Ensuring the integrity, security and reliability of gaming operations;
  • Ensuring they are operated transparently;
  • Channelling demand for gaming into a circuit controlled by public authorities, so as to prevent risks of exploiting gambling for fraudulent or criminal purposes;
  • Combating money laundering and regulating the consumption of gambling so as to prevent the development of addiction.

From 1 January 2020, a new independent authority, the French gaming regulatory authority (ANJ), will bring together the regulation of gaming activities in France, currently handled by several entities. 


An extensive, recreational and responsible gaming model

FDJ’s gaming model is:

  • extensive, in that it reaches a very large player base;
  • recreational, being based on a diversified range of games with moderate stakes;
  • responsible, through a firm policy of preventing excessive and underage gambling.


Social responsibility at the heart of the strategy

The integration of CSR into the heart of FDJ’s strategy is also reflected in the inclusion of CSR criteria stemming from the Responsible Gaming approach as one of the criteria determining the proportion of variable compensation for the company’s corporate officers.

At the operational level, FDJ defines priority CSR actions each year, that are submitted to the company’s decision-making bodies: the Group Management Committee then the CSR and Responsible Gaming Committee.


In-depth dialogue with all stakeholders

FDJ articulates and executes its CSR policy with its internal and external stakeholders. An in-depth and fruitful dialogue allows for the incorporation of their expertise and experience, and helps enrich the actions carried out.


Our CSR policy

The company’s CSR approach is based on six major themes that take into account stakeholder expectations as well as non-financial challenges, particularly those specific to its sector of activity: Responsible Gaming, Integrity, Human Resources, Solidarity, Regions and the Environment.

To integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into its CSR policy, FDJ has studied the impact of its actions as regards 13 of the 17 SDGs.

For more information, read the 2018 financial and extrafinancial report.