Missions of the FDJ Corporate Foundation

FDJ was born out of the National Lottery, launched in 1933 to help mutilated veterans of the First World War. Equal opportunities are part of our history. They are embedded in our values and are part of our identity. For 25 years, the Foundation has been taking action in the public interest in line with the values and actions of its founder. 

Because French society has evolved and new needs are emerging and so that it is better suited to FDJ's new challenges, the FDJ Corporate Foundation and its stakeholders have now made a commitment to promoting equal opportunities.

Corporate purpose

In the face of social inequalities, the FDJ Corporate Foundation is committed to promoting equal opportunities through play in two areas: education and integration.

The areas of intervention are intended to provide solutions to individuals dropping out of education or their social disengagement which disadvantage young people when they begin their working lives. We have observed another inequality: the lack of resources and proficiency in the internet and digital technologies. As such the Foundation wants to further embed itself in society and play an active role in promoting equal opportunities.


For the benefit of all

The FDJ Corporate Foundation's action has a wide range of target groups.

The Foundation wants to enable people in difficulty, irrespective of the reasons (social discrimination, disability, economic exclusion, etc.) to find their place in society, become aware of their potential and express their talents.