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Equal opportunities through play

The FDJ Corporate Foundation supports social integration projects where learning is based on play, collaboration and creativity, promoting equal opportunities and aimed at vulnerable audiences.

Our areas of intervention


We support playful, educational, innovative and inclusive methods to help struggling young people to learn and reveal their potential.


Through playful, participatory programmes, our aim is to motivate or re-motivate struggling young people and adults and to help them find their place in society and express their talent.

All committed to equal opportunities

We give our employees the opportunity of investing in practical charitable actions. This engagement triggers individuals' desires to get involved alongside our company.

Sherazade Salem

Patron of the charity UGOP: "I have been volunteering in the charity sector for five years. The initiatives proposed by the Foundation, such as the "springboard for employees", allow a project to be sponsored that looks like me and is important to me. Thank you for allowing me to experience this human adventure full of interaction and generosity but above all full of sharing."

Maxime Tissot

Volunteering at Institut Télématique: "Thanks to Institut Télématique, I have been tutoring Sarah for five years, from Year 8 of school to her leaving exams (baccalaureate). The aim was to be a special contact for Sarah and to help her achieve her ambition to study medicine. This relationship has been very fulfilling both for her and for me. I have been able to see Sarah grow over the years and achieve her ambition. Today we are still in contact, outside the Télémaque framework."

Noemie Ioannidis

Involved with the charity Comme les Autres: "Thanks to my stay with the charity Comme les Autres, the unconscious barriers I used to put in my way, due to a poor understanding of people in wheelchairs, have totally disappeared. A strong link has developed between all the participants in just a few days and these intense experiences will remain engraved in my memory."

Eric Matoussowsky

Involved with the FDJ Foundation: "For me, the FDJ Foundation is the additional human touch that is essential for my working life! It involves wonderful encounters, such as at the recent coaching session with young people taking part in civic service with Unis-Cités, and the feeling of being quite useful."

Jean-Pierre Leiva

Involved with the charity Comme les Autres: "I had a deeply human experience with emotion-filled experiences of sharing which made me change my perspective on people with disabilities."

Sanaa Belaine-Vayssiere

A patron of the charity M en Rouge: "Here is a quote by François Dolto that really means a lot to me and that conveys my commitment: "Any human group draws its wealth from communication, mutual assistance and solidarity with a shared aim: that every person can flourish while respecting the differences between individuals"

  • Over 1 out of 4

    of FDJ employees are involved

A team committed
to equal opportunities

Our Foundation has permanent employees who report to Isabelle Delaplace, the Chief Executive. The Chair sits alongside 11 board-members (qualified individuals, FDJ representatives and elected employee representatives)

Charles Lantieri

President of the FDJ Corporate Foundation

Deputy CEO of FDJ

Isabelle Delaplace

Director of the FDJ Corporate Foundation

Stéphane Vallée

Administrator of the FDJ Corporate Foundation

Muriel Chevalier

Administrator of the FDJ Corporate Foundation

Raphaële Rabatel

FDJ Communication and CSR Director 

Amel Bouzoura

FDJ Sports Communications and Commitments Director

Vincent Perrotin

FDJ CSR Director

Pierre-Marie Argouarc’h

FDJ Employee Experience and Transformation Director

Edith Arnoult-Brill

General Secretary, Fédération Unie des Auberges de Jeunesse
Member of the CESE, Vice President of the CESE 2010-2015

Gilles Barbier


Lisa Azuelos

Movie director

Daniel Panetto

President of Culture Presse

Saïd Hammouche

President of Mozaïk RH

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