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Responsible Purchasing

Since 2014, the FDJ Group has been a signatory of business mediation organisation Responsible Supplier Relations Charter, the aim of which is to raise awareness about responsible purchasing challenges and the quality of customer-supplier relationships among economic operators.

As part of a continuous improvement of purchasing practices, FDJ aims to obtain the “Supplier Relations & Responsible Purchasing” label awarded by Médiation inter-entreprises and the National Purchasing Council. This label is an extension of the principles laid down in the Charter. It aims to distinguish companies and public entities whose practices demonstrate sustainable and balanced relationships with their suppliers.

FDJ Group has updated its Purchasing Policy stating its commitments in terms of Responsible Purchasing which will progressively be applied by FDJ and all of its subsidiaries.

Mediation procedure

La Française des Jeux has established a mediation procedure, accessible to all of its suppliers in the event of a dispute, in connection with:

  • The order of 11 March 2015, which encourages companies to use amicable methods of settling disputes, including mediation,
  • Its responsible purchasing approach, illustrated by the signing of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter in December 2014.

Mediation is a means of amicable resolution of disputes related to the performance of a contract, based on the intervention of a third party, where two or more parties to the dispute have failed to reach an agreement on their own.

It is a structured but non-rigid process aimed at creating or recreating a bond, and restoring trust and business relationships between the parties involved in the dispute. It is also a voluntary process that relies on the freedom and responsibility of individuals, in strict confidentiality. If either party is not satisfied with the procedure, each party remains free to terminate it at any time and to resort to another means of resolution.

In this context, La Française des Jeux has appointed as Mediator: Olivier de LAITRE, qualified mediator.

The mediator’s main tasks are as follows:

  • Promote the search for an amicable solution to disputes;
  • Inform the parties in writing of the initiation of a mediation procedure, informing them of the confidentiality of all exchanges;
  • Undertake to study the case in the light of the respective positions of the parties and to assess the arguments of each of them in order to help them find an amicable, balanced and definitive solution to the dispute;
  • Meet each party if necessary, either together or separately;
  • Propose for the consideration of the parties those procedures or means that appear to him to offer the best chances of reaching a resolution;
  • Record the outcome of the mediation, either by the supervision of a written or oral agreement between the parties, or by noting the failure of the mediation and notifying the two parties of the failure so as to terminate the procedure.

The Mediator can be contacted directly by writing to:

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