An inspiring employee experience

Offering the best customer experience means simultaneously providing the best employee experience: this is how we intend to make our transformation a success.

Transformation of the working environment and operating methods

In mid-2108, our two sites in Ile-de-France moved to new premises at Boulogne-Billancourt and Villepinte. We have flexible working arrangements with no assigned desks and in shared spaces organised by department. We choose our space depending on our needs at the time: silence, interaction or meetings. Thematic areas with a relaxed atmosphere are available on each floor of the buildings.

An accelerated move towards paperless internal processes preceded these office rearrangements as did the deployment of Office 365 and smartphones for all. These devices promote collaboration and mobile and remote working.

These transformations are supported by digital training adapted to meet the needs of individuals, and teams of Digital Mentors made up of FDJ employees who are located in every team and are given in-depth training in modern smart tools on devices or in the meeting rooms.

Innovation, Shared Intelligence

The FDJ teams have access to an innovation zone in the Boulogne-Billancourt building which hosts the Open Lab, CX Studio and AZAP ("Accelerating Zone for Accelerated Projects", a collective intelligence service). In 2019, the Paris & Co incubator will be added to this service.

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